Single Sign On: Cas 3.3.1, phpCAS and Spring Security

23 Nov

Puh… after now around 18 hours (totally), I’ve managed to get a basic setup of the single-sign-on software by JA-SIG – the Yale University running.

I’ll use CAS (central authentication service) to enable a smooth transition from PHP to Java on the lyrics portal I’m working on.

Now, that I’ve got phpCAS working on a small sample application (the big trick was to compile PHP with curl support), I’ll switch the authentication mechanism of the current PHP-Application to phpCAS and will use the Java-pendant for the new Java applications.

Next, I’ll look into the integration of CAS with Spring-Security and on using CAS with Portlets, that will be interesting 😉

Some links I’ve found quite useful:

  1. CAS main homepage
  2. phpCAS API Reference
  3. phpCAS Wiki Page
  4. Setup SSL on Tomcat 6
  5. Using existing user-database
  6. Using JDBC for Authentication
  7. JavaDoc Class QueryDatabaseAuthenticationHandler
  8. Spring Security Homepage
  9. CAS with Portlets
  10. Happy Sound: Lyrics to Farin Urlaub

1 Response to Single Sign On: Cas 3.3.1, phpCAS and Spring Security


Anthony Huang

June 9th, 2011 at 11:19

Before that, thank you!

I am a student come from Indonesia. i have been working in my university. This task (CAS implementation) was given by my Supervisor.

Our university have a lot of Informasion System(IS), there are :
a. Payroll
b. Employee
c. student, etc

each IS has their login page. And The CAS server has already implemented but the phpCAS hasn’t yet. I am confusing how to implement it.
My problem is to store cookies, ticketing, etc.

are there all have any stories or experiences to say that? Or the webpages which contain all technics and stories to implements phpCAS. (i have read all articles but there weren’t explain more detail about that).

Thank You,
Anthony Huang.

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