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In case you need to marry SBT + Artifactory with Jenkins Pipelines – and like me, you don’t want to post the Artifactory Credentials in a public accessible place on the Jenkins Agent, here comes your solution! First, create a secret containing the username + token/password of the user that should be used by jenkins. […]

At my current task, I had to make sure a native library is able to be loaded. I didn’t want to adjust the parameters of the JVM for this, so I had to patch the java.library.path at runtime. This post is inspired by this post So, this code (in Scala, but its quite similar in […]

Recently I had to push in a Jenkins Pipeline to a git repository that was only accessible through https with username + password. Attempts to provide the password in the url like https://user:p@s$ failed, as apparently the password contained already a @ character and thus messed up the url. A good colleague pointed me to […]