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Getting JRebel to work with the embedded-glassfish maven plugin. Read here how to do it.

Fast redeploys with Vaadin7 and Glassfish 4 .. spend your JRebel bucks for some beers (at least in the beginning) 😉

Problems with Embedded Glassfish 4 Maven plugin and an expired certificate? This post will show you how to solve it.

XML templates for the JPA 1.0 and JPA 2.0 versions of the orm.xml and persistence.xml files. These should allow your IDE of choice to validate and auto-complete documents.

This post shows how to use the JPA EntityListener Annotations with Avaje Ebean.

This post tries to collect a list of important links for everyone wanting to optimize his/her Glassfish v3 Server for production use.

Solutions to the Absent Code attribute problem often encountered when trying to do unit testing with Maven&/JUnit.

This little post shows how to replace the start attribute of the ol tag in XHTML STRICT pages to validate again!

Geekscrap posted what one needs to change to feel like home in [X|K|Ed]ubuntu, at least if we’re talking about the beautiful colors, Gentoo users like the most! or, if the site does not load, try it with the cached version cache:

The Spring Security Facelets/JSF 2.0 Taglib got released in version 0.3. CHANGES: Replaced roles.isEmpty() with roles.equals(“”) to allow usage with Java 5 Adopted taglib for usage with Spring 3/Spring Security 3 final removed faces-config.xml in taglibs for jsf 1.2 as it prevented deploying in some scenarios Fetch it from the Project Homepage