Feeling like home in Xubuntu: Gentoo colors!

Geekscrap posted what one needs to change to feel like home in [X|K|Ed]ubuntu, at least if we’re talking about the beautiful colors, Gentoo users like the most! http://geekscrap.com/2010/01/gentooize-part-1-colorize-console/ or, if the site does not load, try it with the cached version cache:http://geekscrap.com/2010/01/gentooize-part-1-colorize-console/

Spring Security Facelets/JSF 2.0 Taglib released in v0.3

The Spring Security Facelets/JSF 2.0 Taglib got released in version 0.3. CHANGES: Replaced roles.isEmpty() with roles.equals(“”) to allow usage with Java 5 Adopted taglib for usage with Spring 3/Spring Security 3 final removed faces-config.xml in taglibs for jsf 1.2 as it prevented deploying in some scenarios Fetch it from the Project Homepage