Essential Glassfish Performance Tuning Blogs

14 Jun

In my time on the Glassfish users mailinglist, I came across some important links for everyone setting up a Glassfish server for production.

This is my personal bookmarks list, that may also serve its purpose to others.

  1. Putting Glassfish v3 in Production – Essential surviving Guide: This post describes basic performance enhancements you can get with changing settings in your domain.xml configuration and adjusting jvm settings
  2. Monitoring in Glassfish: This post shows how to further enhance the thread pool settings for your Glassfish domain and how to determine the correct settings for your system
  3. Tomcat/Glassfish/Jetty on Port 80 with IPTables + NAT: This post describes, how you can run your Glassfish hosted webapps on Port 80 without running a Apache or other web server in front of it, thus you are able to fully utilize every aspect of Glassfishs new asynchronous architecture without always have to think of that old Indian making problems (Comet etc.)
  4. Blog Post on This post by user "radix_zero" also suggests a few other tricks, like creating multiple connection pools to the same data source or running multiple real-domains, each in a own JVM.
  5. Another Post on The thread points out that one should use distinct thread pools for each http-listener to prevent locking between the listeners

This post will be updated with new additional & helpful links, as soon as I get aware of them.

Do you have interesting links? Post them in the comments!

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