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This article shows how to access a PHP-Session from Java when running under Quercus – an implementation of PHP in Java which runs in any decent Servlet-Container.

Use java_bean() of Quercus with Glassfish v3 & JavaEE6

If you trying to migrate a legacy PHP application which still uses PEAR::DB to Quercus with PostgreSQL and JDBC-Connection Pools accessible through JNDI, this may come handy for you! 1. Create your Datasource e.g. in Glassfish v3’s admin console… I named mine jdbc/postgresDS 2. copy the file pgsqljndi.php to /usr/share/php/DB/pgsqljndi.php (or wherever you include your […]

Paul Sterk just announced the availability of the final version of Glassfish v3! I just tried it out and it really rocks! Download, extract, start domain, running! Even PHP Applications are easily possible: I will look further into this this weekend!

Because I’m still sometimes doing some PHP-Coding, I wanted to get started with Maven for PHP, however, I ran into various problems with the way it was described on their webpage. Unfortunately, also the mailing list did not respond to my mails, so I had to dig into the source alone. The problem I had […]

Puh… after now around 18 hours (totally), I’ve managed to get a basic setup of the single-sign-on software by JA-SIG – the Yale University running. I’ll use CAS (central authentication service) to enable a smooth transition from PHP to Java on the lyrics portal I’m working on. Now, that I’ve got phpCAS working on a […]