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it took me a while to figure out how to copy files with scp to Home Assistant. Go to “Settings” > “Add-Ons” > “Advanced SSH & Web Terminal” Then switch to the “Configuration” Tab, change username to root and enable the sftp option, then click safe: Restart your Home Assistant Installation.. after everything is up […]

In case you need to marry SBT + Artifactory with Jenkins Pipelines – and like me, you don’t want to post the Artifactory Credentials in a public accessible place on the Jenkins Agent, here comes your solution! First, create a secret containing the username + token/password of the user that should be used by jenkins. […]

At my current task, I had to make sure a native library is able to be loaded. I didn’t want to adjust the parameters of the JVM for this, so I had to patch the java.library.path at runtime. This post is inspired by this post So, this code (in Scala, but its quite similar in […]

Recently I had to push in a Jenkins Pipeline to a git repository that was only accessible through https with username + password. Attempts to provide the password in the url like https://user:p@s$ failed, as apparently the password contained already a @ character and thus messed up the url. A good colleague pointed me to […]

At my current project, we use snapshots for versioning certain important states in our application. As we have the requirement to “jump back” to these states for some specialised queries, we needed a way to access a specific snapshot, without having to create a Persistent-Actor / Eventsourced-Behaviour that could mess up the journal of that […]

When you’re using PostgreSQL together with Slick, chances are high, that you’re also using the Slick-PG library. You probably came to this post, because you try to map your custom ADT to a List/Sequence of that and want to store it as a text[] (or other array) in PostgreSQL. When trying to do so, the […]

Scala HMac SHA256

21, Nov 2020

As I repeatedly (e.g. every 2nd year) have to find the right code to generate a HMAC SHA256 hash from a string, I’m sharing this (for me and others) here. The tricky part is the String-Format to 64 chars. Most code I’ve found had this set to 32 chars (like used for MD5) which resulted […]

This is mainly a note to self on how to build inheritance hierarchies (e.g. Animal -> [Cat / Dog] ) with Play-JSON. Documentation can be found here: Play-JSON Akka-Http Play-Json

As mentioned in my previous articles about using VAVR together with Spring, use the following classes to make VAVRs Option and all Collection types based on Seq work correctly with SpringDoc. Just place them in a package that gets scanned by Spring! A big shoutout to bnasslahsen who provided me with the VavrOptionSupportConverter that I […]

During the Corona crisis, I was in urgent need of a Webcam. While I thought I ordered a Logitech C930e Business webcam, I got shipped a C930c which is basically the same one but the chinese version. As it is now the second time I was spending time to find drivers / controller software for […]