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Zipping a stream with the only element of another stream with Akka Streams

To make sure that your Play! Application binds on an IPv4 Socket in your Docker-Container, add the following to your build.sbt file when running locally, you can also start sbt and tell it to prefer the IPv4 Stack.

Selectively disable CSRF Checks / Filter on certain routes in PlayFramework 2.5

Google Code shut down a year ago, and recently also their “Migrate to Github” feature was disabled. Because I have/had also a old project hosted (and some people where asking about it recently), I had to find a way on how to migrate the project to Github anyway. I did these steps # download the svn […]

How to override a @NamedCache Api Binding in your Tests in PlayFramework 2.x

The Play-Framework 2.x provides helpers to work with forms. While the markup created by those helpers works ok for many simple projects, more advanced projects require a specific way on how to style form fields. The Play-Framework documentation shows how to create a custom FieldConstructor to override the way a form-field is rendered. This works […]

Packt Publishing, known for their Ebooks and Video courses on programming and programming related stuff, did a survey on whats nice and shiny in our industry at the moment. To allow everyone access to the most important stuff at a reasonable price, they created a special offer: Every eBook and Video is now available for $10! […]

Today I had a weird problem with one of my lxc-containers on a Ubuntu 14.04 Host.. for no reason, the container changed its IP address.. This lead to the other containers not finding the container in question under its IP anymore. I then tried to manually set the IP of the container in /etc/network/interfaces like […]

My Spring Security Facelets/JSF2 Tag library has its own chapter in the new book of Décio Heinzelmann Luckow in his new Book Programação Java para a Web

Describes installing of StarCraft 2 from DVD on a Linux System (Ubuntu) with Wine and how to cope with the problems involved.