PlayFramework: Style fields globally

1 Nov

The Play-Framework 2.x provides helpers to work with forms. While the markup created by those helpers works ok for many simple projects, more advanced projects require a specific way on how to style form fields.

The Play-Framework documentation shows how to create a custom FieldConstructor to override the way a form-field is rendered.

This works by implicitly importing the newly created FieldConstructor in every form.

Making sure that this custom FieldConstructor is automatically used in every form, requires just a little code in build.sbt:

val templateSettings = Seq(
  TwirlKeys.templateImports += "views.helper.FoundationFieldConstructorHelper._"


lazy val mainProject = (project in file("."))
  .settings(templateSettings: _*)

Voila! Now this FieldConstructor is used in every form automatically.

An example for a custom FieldConstructor for the Foundation CSS Framework can be found at CoderWall

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