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Facelets Taglib for JSF2 and Servlet 3.0

Mikael Gueck has posted some tips for Spring to JavaEE6 migration. Quite nice in my opinion, especially the one for JPA N+1 ! Thanks Mikael! And merry xmas everyone!

Andy Gibson has blogged about how to use Context & Dependency Injection ( CDI, the @Inject annotation ) with JSF 2. Also take a look at the comments, there is some useful info there too!

Xovi SEO Tool Contest

18, Dec 2009

The german SEO Marketing Blog has a contest for winning a 2 month license for the new Xovi SEO Tool. Maybe I’m lucky 🙂

Spring 3.0 is final

16, Dec 2009

As Jurgen Hoeller posted today, Spring 3.0 is final! I will check it out as soon as possible 🙂  

Google integrates Twitter: URL + Screenshot

If you trying to migrate a legacy PHP application which still uses PEAR::DB to Quercus with PostgreSQL and JDBC-Connection Pools accessible through JNDI, this may come handy for you! 1. Create your Datasource e.g. in Glassfish v3’s admin console… I named mine jdbc/postgresDS 2. copy the file pgsqljndi.php to /usr/share/php/DB/pgsqljndi.php (or wherever you include your […]

Paul Sterk just announced the availability of the final version of Glassfish v3! I just tried it out and it really rocks! Download, extract, start domain, running! Even PHP Applications are easily possible: I will look further into this this weekend!

Engaged in Social-PM

10, Dec 2009

Since today, I’m a commiter in Scrumshark – the Social Project Management Tool. One of my student groups in Advanced Software Engineering already are using this tool and I will try to extend it with some nice and helpful features.

Because I’m still sometimes doing some PHP-Coding, I wanted to get started with Maven for PHP, however, I ran into various problems with the way it was described on their webpage. Unfortunately, also the mailing list did not respond to my mails, so I had to dig into the source alone. The problem I had […]