PlayFramework: Serve a file from the classpath

8 Apr

Recently, I’ve implemented a Swagger-API with Play. As I’ve published a new version of the API, I wanted to make a CHANGELOG available.

So the question was, where to store this file.. a blog or some other external resource felt plainly wrong, so I decided to put it right next to the code.

class ChangeLogController (cc: ControllerComponents) extends AbstractController(cc) {

  implicit val ec: ExecutionContext = cc.executionContext

  def changeLog = cc.actionBuilder.apply { req =>
    val clazz = this.getClass

    val resource = Option(clazz.getResourceAsStream(“/de/some/package/structure/api/v1_1/CHANGELOG.txt”))

      .map(s => StreamConverters.fromInputStream(() => s))
      .map(source => {
          header = ResponseHeader(play.api.http.Status.OK, Map.empty, None),
          body = HttpEntity.Streamed(source, None, Some(“text/plain”))
      .getOrElse(Results.InternalServerError(“failed to load file from classpath”))

Code language: Scala (scala)

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