Omnicharge Settings for MacBook Pro 15″ Mid 2015 Retina

I have a MacBook Pro 15″ Mid-2015 Retina. It uses a 85W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter, which is emitting max 4.25 Ampere at 20 Volts.

According to, that means,
I’ll have to configure my OmniCharge to 20V DC Output


To do this:

  • Turn the Omnicharge on
  • Double Click the Power button, Menu appears
  • Click the Power Button to enter DC Configuration
  • Use the UP-DOWN Arrows to select “Presets”, press Power Button to enter
  • Select 20V, use Power Button to select
  • Change to “Yes”, use Power Button to confirm
  • Done


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  1. Does the Omni 20 properly charge the 15″ MBP?

    I read that the 15″ MacBook Pro has an 85w charger, while Omni 20’s output is limited to 70w.

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