Migrate Gmail to Google-Apps

14 Oct

So, after almost 5-6 years of Gmail usage with an @gmail.com address, I decided to go with my own domain and change to Google Apps = the REAL GMAIL.

So, I was wondering, if there is a way to migrate my stuff from the “Free Gmail” to the “Google Apps Gmail”, but my (initial) searches ended up with no result, so I did it my way:

  1. Open two browser windows, one with your Gmail-Account, one with your new Google-Mail account
  2. Migrate contacts first
    1. Export the contacts from your GMail account to google’s  csv format
    2. Import them into your Google-Apps account
  3. Recreate your Labels in your new Account
  4. Enable IMAP on both, your Gmail Account and your Google-Apps Gmail Account
  5. Use this Migration Tool: http://www.thamtech.com/blog/2008/03/29/gmail-to-google-apps-email-migration/
    • Make sure you use the latest version of imapsync, >= 1.286 has special Gmail support
    • I had to rename my labels and remove square brackets ( [ ] ) from them
    • I removed the first two regex-lines in tylers script, because I want to preserve the original addresses inside the mails.
  6. Recreate your filters: Unfortunately there is no import/export feature for filters, so you have to recreate them by hand
  7. Setup forwarding of mails from Gmail to your Google-Apps Gmail.

This way, I converted nearly all (around 10 messages are missing, according to the “manage labels” view) my gmail-email to my google-apps gmail account. In case, I ever need those 10 mails, I still have my normal gmail account to look for them there.

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