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  1. Thanks Dominik!

    I made some more great progress with another feature I’m working on (DynaView) — Plug and play application extension! Drop a jar file into your classpath and your app automatically includes extra pages, mapped URLs, features, etc. All with PrettyFaces DynaView. Just one barrier in my way, but the dev guys at SUN are working on it with me so hopefully it’ll be working soon!

    PS. How did you get your photo to show up as your avatar? I’ve been wondering that for a while.

  2. Mhm… thats what I was looking for a while ago when the big OSGI hype was, but it’s still not possible to replace views at runtime with OSGI (just classes, etc.).. maybe thats possible with dynaView.

    For the picture: Just register yourself with Gravatar and add all the email addresses you use in posts.

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