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Here you’ll find the web.xml headers for servlet 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 and 3.0 + web-fragment.xml for servlet 3.0

Martin Ahrer, one of Austrians JSF geniuses shows a way how to integrate PrimeFaces ToolTip component with conditional rendering, only when validation errors occurred. Although I would have chosen a different approach (mainly extending the already existent h:message tag), Martins way works quite nice. Thanks Martin!

Recently (well about two weeks ago), I’ve created a patch to make the great PrimeFaces JSF-2 ready. PrimeFaces Homepage PrimeFaces Google-Code Project PrimeFaces ShowCase Patch for PrimeFaces JSF-2 support Cagatay Civici now made me a contributor of PrimeFaces.. thanks mate! Hopefully the patch will soon be integrated into the 2.0 branch of PrimeFaces!