Building JSF-2 Apps with Apache Maven 2

he team from Sun/the JSF Expert Group released a page showing what you need to add to your pom.xml to include jsf-2 in your maven project. Taken from, the required parts are: If you use Glassfish v3 or higher: 1 2 3 4 5 6 <dependency> <groupId>javax.faces</groupId> <artifactId>jsf-api</artifactId> <version>2.0</version> <scope>provided</scope> </dependency><dependency> <groupId>javax.faces</groupId> <artifactId>jsf-api</artifactId> <version>2.0</version> […]

RoR Flash Scope in JSF-2

While browsing through the Mojarra Sourcecode, I’ve found a interesting set of classes, all bundled around the keyword “Flash”: ./jsf-ri/systest/src/com/sun/faces/systest/ ./jsf-ri/systest/src/com/sun/faces/systest/ ./jsf-ri/systest/src/com/sun/faces/systest/ ./jsf-ri/systest/web/flash01.xhtml ./jsf-ri/systest/web/flash02.xhtml ./jsf-ri/systest/web/flashReaper.xhtml ./jsf-ri/src/com/sun/faces/context/flash ./jsf-ri/src/com/sun/faces/context/flash/ ./jsf-ri/src/com/sun/faces/context/flash/ ./jsf-ri/systest-per-webapp/flash/src/java/com/sun/faces/systest/ ./jsf-ri/systest-per-webapp/flash/web/flash7.xhtml ./jsf-ri/systest-per-webapp/flash/web/flash8.xhtml ./jsf-ri/systest-per-webapp/flash/web/flash2.xhtml ./jsf-ri/systest-per-webapp/flash/web/flash5.xhtml ./jsf-ri/systest-per-webapp/flash/web/flash4.xhtml ./jsf-ri/systest-per-webapp/flash/web/flash3.xhtml ./jsf-ri/systest-per-webapp/flash/web/flash6.xhtml ./jsf-api/src/main/java/javax/faces/context/ When looking through the files, I found out, that the famous Flash-Scope of Ruby on Rails (my friend […]

Making PrimeFaces JSF 2 ready

Recently (well about two weeks ago), I’ve created a patch to make the great PrimeFaces JSF-2 ready. PrimeFaces Homepage PrimeFaces Google-Code Project PrimeFaces ShowCase Patch for PrimeFaces JSF-2 support Cagatay Civici now made me a contributor of PrimeFaces.. thanks mate! Hopefully the patch will soon be integrated into the 2.0 branch of PrimeFaces!