Note to self: SBT Exclude (multiple) Dependencies (with Scala Version)

// pdf generation val play2PDF = “it.innove” % “play2-pdf” % “1.5.1” excludeAll( ExclusionRule(organization = “”, name = “twirl-api_2.11”), ExclusionRule(organization = “”, name = “play-server_2.11”), ExclusionRule(organization = “”, name = “play-java_2.11”), ExclusionRule(organization = “”, name = “play-netty-server_2.11”), ExclusionRule(organization = “”, name = “play-logback_2.11”) ) Unfortunately, it’s required to hardcode the Scala Version into the Artifact name.. […]

How to recover a Google Code SVN Project and migrate to Github

Google Code shut down a year ago, and recently also their “Migrate to Github” feature was disabled. Because I have/had also a old project hosted (and some people where asking about it recently), I had to find a way on how to migrate the project to Github anyway. I did these steps # download the svn […]

PlayFramework: Style fields globally

The Play-Framework 2.x provides helpers to work with forms. While the markup created by those helpers works ok for many simple projects, more advanced projects require a specific way on how to style form fields. The Play-Framework documentation shows how to create a custom FieldConstructor to override the way a form-field is rendered. This works […]

Ubuntu LXC-Container not booting after setting a static IP

Today I had a weird problem with one of my lxc-containers on a Ubuntu 14.04 Host.. for no reason, the container changed its IP address.. This lead to the other containers not finding the container in question under its IP anymore. I then tried to manually set the IP of the container in /etc/network/interfaces like […]

PlayFramework 2.3: Global CSRF Protection – Disable CSRF selectively

I’m using PlayFramework 2.3 [1] on a new project of mine. Because I want the project to be safe by default, I enabled CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) Protection globally [2] [3]. In this project, I’m doing a pass-through of some legacy pages using a custom proxy I’ve built. These pages don’t know the concept of […]